What Makes RhythmLift Different?

The Key Quality + 4 Principles for Lasting Learning

Den Kreislauf durchbrechen

Has your team been energized by a team building experience in the past, only to have the excitement wear off and the old habits return?

Change is hard to sustain, especially in a complex work system with lots of forces that pull to keep things the same. That’s why programs that give you a lot of good ideas, and then say, “Now, go try these at work tomorrow” don’t have much lasting impact.

Turn Insights into Action into New Lasting Habits

So, how can you change insights into action, which transforms into new habits for your team members and the team as a whole?

There is no magic fix, but there is a simple answer: change always happens in small, persistent steps of doing something different. Through your RhythmLift experience, you will identify, practice, and have fun with those steps.

The Key:  A 3-Phase Program Where Change Actually Happens

RhythmLift programs offer the chance to learn from an experience of real change, as you transform from individual non-drummers to a drumming ensemble.  Your group or team learns to lay down a “new groove” for happy collaboration to carry into its future.


Phase 1: Experience Relaxation and Rhythm. Unplug from the Stress Machine.

This first phase is a gift of health: a guided trip to a relaxed state. In simple, interesting, engaging steps, your heart rate slows, stress hormones dissipate, and  your brain waves relax from busy-beta to insightful-alpha, the frequencies of holistic creativity.


Phase 2: Explore New Perspectives.

Minds open and relaxed, we explore the themes custom-chosen for your program. With provocative ideas, honest dialog, and playful music-making, participants are challenged with new ways to create the kind of teamwork they want. Your team members gain appreciation for themselves, each other, and their potential to accomplish together.


Phase 3: Commit and Celebrate.

The final phase is to turn the learning toward the future. Your team will create its own “new rhythms” with drums and dialog. Reflecting on the experience of change they went through to become a rhythm ensemble, participants identify specific actions and changes they intend to pursue both individually and collectively. The group talks about the challenges and aids to building new habits, and how much easier that is when the entire team system supports the effort.

The program culminates in music that expresses your team’s new level of creativity and camaraderie!

4 Design Principles that Help Learning Last

Each RhythmLift program is based on four design principles that promote lasting effects in your group or team. Click here to read more.

1. You want Different? Do It Different!

1. Do It Different!

2. Use Different Learning Circuits — and let the overworked ones rest!

2. Change Learning Circuits

3. Your Custom Journey Starts Where You Are

3. Start Where You Are

4. Meet Your Group Dynamic

4. Meet Your Group Dynamic



 Principle 1: You Want a Difference? Then Do It Different!

Principle 2: Use Different Learning Circuits — and let the overworked ones rest!

Principle 3: Your Custom Journey Starts Where You Are

Principle 4: Your Group Dynamic Is a Living Thing

Change the Rhythm of Your Work Environment

Invest in a team building program that will help your group make the changes that matter. Schedule a free consultation and discover how much easier teamwork can be!