Build the New Habits to Make Your Team Great

The desires, insights, and commitments to create healthier team dynamics that are sparked in a Rhythm Lift or Rhythm Shift program will turn into real change as new behaviors repeat into smooth patterns.

That requires:

  1. Remembering one’s desire and reasons for wanting change
  2. Doing something different, in those moments where old habits want to run the show

That’s the hard part, isn’t it? As humans, we are wired for habit more than change.

Fight the Enemy of Change: Homeostasis


But wait, there’s more — more forces blocking change. Groups have their own inertia to change, called homeostasis. Running on automatic, your group’s interaction patterns inevitably create resistance to any one individual’s efforts to change.

It’s no wonder teams find change so difficult to sustain. Unless team members — individually and collectively — return their focus to steering things differently, change efforts will fizzle or fall short.

Enlist the Group Super Power that Thwarts Homeostasis

iStock_000020667306_ExtraSmall-260x172Yet every group has hidden resources that can help build new patterns and habits of healthy teamwork. If your group takes steps to remember and refresh their intentions, they replace homeostatic inertia with momentum for change.

When this momentum occurs, the inevitable moments when individuals “forget” and replay an old behavior become mere ripples in the group’s new stream. They can simply learn from them, and move on together.

It’s like in a drum circle. When the group is entrained in its music, if someone falls out of rhythm, they can quickly find their way back. Just relax and feel the rhythm, until you know what to do.

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Become a Conscious Team

iStock_000015334375_ExtraSmall-163x245It is possible to become a conscious team that works cohesively together. Through team development, your team can cultivate the practices that:

  • Identify and unwind unhelpful dynamics and interaction patterns
  • Raise communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence skills
  • Develop a common language around what helps and hinders healthy team dynamics
  • Keep proud focus on team business goals
  • Build resiliency to handle setbacks and surprises
  • Encourage the personal and professional growth of all members

After initial assessment and consultation with the team leader, we’ll custom-design a sequence of interactive sessions that:

  • Establishes your team’s common goals for business and teamwork
  • Teaches the skills needed to get there
  • Adjusts and encourages progress along the way

Together, we co-create the phases of your team’s development path, which typically include:

  1. Situation Assessment & Leader Consultation
  2. Team Visioning or Re-Visioning (group session)
  3. Skills Training (communication, leadership, emotional intelligence)
  4. Team Coaching for Healthy Culture

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