3 Reasons to Trust Your Investment in RhythmLift

1.  I have been in your shoes

When you consider a team building program, you are juggling many different factors: Your goals for your group or team. The interests of your boss or client. The personalities of the participants.  The other activities of the day or event.  I have been there, too, and getting this balancing act right is part of the RhythmLift process.

  • Because I’ve been a company owner and manager, I know that your biggest investment in a team building program – by far – is your employees’ time and mind share.
  • Because I’ve organized significant meetings, conferences, and festivals, I know that each group session needs to maximize individual learning and overall group potential.
  • I also know that it’s a bit of a risk to bring in a program that’s “different” – one that asks more of people than simply listening to ideas on slides.

I respect, appreciate, and honor the trust you put in me. I will return that trust by creating an enjoyable, challenging, and impactful learning experience for your group or team.

2.  You get team building with a money-back guarantee

My guarantee is simple: If, for any reason, you are not happy with the outcome of your session, you get your money back.

3.  I’m here for YOU, as well as your team or group

Whether you’re a team manager, event planner, or HR/OD/L&D professional, as my client, I work for your success, as well as the success of your group or team. Through the planning process, and the program itself, I make working with me easy, supportive, and beneficial to you.

Think of me as a travel guide with a new way to explore. My passion and commitment is to use my knowledge of the “teamwork terrain” to take your group from where they are, to the most healed, connected, jazzed-up, appreciative, ready-to-go place that we can find!

Call 619-307-1003 today to schedule your complimentary consultation. You’ll get new insights and ideas from our talk, and you’ll learn how RhythmLift can help in your particular situation.  You’ll enjoy the conversation, and our work together – I guarantee it!

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