RhythmLift: Get your team in sync!

1-2 Hours to RESET attitudes, RENEW commitment, and REFRESH creativity

3a1-Standing-drumming-web-198x271Do you need to revitalize your team, foster creativity at a retreat, or break the patterns of stale or unproductive team dynamics? RhythmLift is your ticket.

RhythmLift is a 1 to 2 hour team building experience (90 minutes or so is best). It includes uplifting experiences that relax mind and body, stimulate imagination and creativity, and raise appreciation for team and self.

Our programs can help your group:

  • Celebrate and boost their colleagueship
  • De-stress, relax, and feel physically better.
  • Activate mind-body connections for health and creativity.
  • Communicate and learn together in new ways.
  • Co-create “New View” of what is possible together.

Custom-designed for your Team

3a1-chairs-drums-web-242x161Your team, situation, and goals are unique.  Your team building experience should be, too.

RhythmLift team building programs are custom-designed for your desired outcomes.  Along the way, your team gains a new vision for gratifying collaboration, and learns to move toward it with new skills and behaviors.

How RhythmLift Can Elevate Your Team

WHEN  Whether your team has specific challenges, or it’s simply time to celebrate, you’ll get a boost from this experience.  RhythmLift programs are perfect for:

  • Team project startups
  • Initiative launches
  • Strategic visioning and planning retreats
  • Guidance to teams in transition (reorganizations, mergers, etc.)
  • Revitalization of existing teams and reconnection to strategic goals
  • Promotion of interdepartmental collaboration
  • Transformation of difficult team dynamics
  • In-person meetings of remote teams
  • A vitalizing element of longer team building and leadership programs
  • Recognition, celebration and fun

WHAT & WHY  Because our programs are tailored to your group, you can base your RhythmLift session around the theme(s) you want. Some theme examples include:

  • Listening and communication
  • Leadership and followership
  • The value of staying in sync
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Impact of individual actions
  • Individual and shared responsibility
  • Building trust
  • Creative problem-solving and inspiration

For a more in-depth learning experience covering communication, team skills, and healthy team culture, we offer our

RhythmShift Workshop: Half- or full-day

Lift your team to new heights. Contact me for a free consultation.