Unify Your Group with Rhythm

Whether it’s an association luncheon meeting, or a multi-day conference, your meeting or conference reaches its potential when participants transform from a collection of individuals to a unified group, aligned in a friendly, collaborative spirit.
Our facilitators and musical team will energize your members with powerful ideas, creative rhythm play, and ice-breaking interactions with each other.  It is the fastest way to get your people:

  • Connected to each other and to the goals of the conference
  • Appreciative of each other, and for being there
  • Ready to break productive new ground together

Dynamic, Uplifting, Thought-provoking Talks

Not just PowerPoint!  We’ll get your group laughing, moving, playing, and thinking about intriguing lessons of Rhythm applied to real-life challenges and opportunities.  Provocative topics and themes include:

  • Rhythm as Doorway to  Stress Relief / Rejuvenation / Wellbeing
  • The Challenge of Change:  Why we wrestle to make the changes we say we want
  • Unseen Influence:  Noticing the nature of your group dynamic
  • Personal and team strategies for more satisfaction at work

Let’s talk about how you can stir up the energy at your meeting or conference!

Shared Experience Creates a Meaningful Event

Developed around your event theme and purpose, a RhythmLift program of rhythm, ideas, and dialog will help your participants:

  • Relax and be present, releasing travel tension and outside stress
  • Learn about who else is there and what talents and experiences they bring
  • Reflect on their own goals and desires for the conference
  • Set and hear others’ intentions for overall conference or meeting outcome

This formative shared experience will help your delegates form meaningful, creative conversations throughout your whole event.

Fill the Needs of Your Program

Because RhythmLift programs are tailored to your specific event, they are effective as:

  • Kick-off sessions for meetings and conferences
  • Key transitions, e.g. sessions to help shift from idea phase into action planning
  • Conference closers, including reflections, appreciations, and clear intentions to carry new knowledge and solutions forward

All of our programs are guaranteed. Contact us today, and let’s imagine the possibilities to enliven your event!