Build a Cohesive Team with New Perspectives, Skills, and Behaviors

Sometimes your team needs more than a lift, it needs a shift. When getting things done seems harder than it should be, your team is probably stuck in some stale attitudes and unhelpful interaction patterns.  It needs a shift in perspective, and guidance toward forming new skills and behaviors.

RhythmShift learning workshops for change last 3 to 6 hours, and include tools, practices, and plans to foster better teamwork within your team.

Each RhythmShift program is custom-designed for your situation and desired outcomes.


How RhythmShift Can Harmonize Your Team

In a lively, interactive sequence of teaching, activities, and “how to apply this” conversations, participants:

  • Understand the power — and ingredients — of healthy colleagueship
  • Develop empathy and appreciation of others
  • Learn the impact of their behavioral choices
  • Move from “getting along” to real synergy
  • Resolve issues into healthier patterns
  • Practice specific communication skills that prevent friction and maintain focus

Experience Real-Time Change

In the course of the RhythmShift experience, your team’s growing cohesion is evident in the music we make during the rhythm activity segments.  Their real-time experience of this positive, creative change anchors the team’s learning about healthy team behavior, and gives momentum to their commitment to future action.

We will choose the workshop theme that suits your team’s specific needs. Examples include:

  • General stress and interpersonal disconnection
  • Effective communication skills
  • Easing patterns of friction
  • Sparking creativity
  • From Problem-Solving to Solution-Making

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