Break the Cycle and Experience True, Collaborative Teamwork

Your job as team leader or change agent is to somehow wrangle the infinite complexities of talented human beings into specific organizational results.

That’s not for the faint of heart. And it’s often not easy.

No_finger_pointing-170x219Perhaps you find yourself:

  • Weary of the “fix-it scramble” triggered by teamwork breakdown. You know: having to deal with ruffled feelings, wasted time, and after-hours heroic efforts.
  • Frustrated that your team is stuck in “OK” mode. They get work done, but with little spark, pride, or camaraderie. You know they are operating well below their potential.
  • Going nuts watching patterns repeat when your group tries harder to do the same thing — and gets the same results.

The good news:  It CAN be easier

RhythmLift’s powerful programs can crack open stuck cycles, and breathe some fresh air of real teamwork — in as little as an hour.

Help Your Team Create a New View

Pixmac000084381964-251x167It’s common for a team to get stuck in its ways.  Each member falls into their informal “role,” sometimes helpful, sometimes not. The RhythmLift experience lets your team break free from these labels, and transports your entire group to a “New View” of themselves as a team.

From this New View your team members learn to:

  • See — and care more about — the big picture.
  • Handle its problems by skipping the drama, moving quickly to diagnosis, resolution, and prevention.
  • Talk about the real stuff — what’s really going on, and what that really means.
  • Become deeply committed to their mutual success, with more empathy for each other — including you.

A RhythmLift program can take your team to this “New View” in as little as an hour.

How? On an uplifting, fun, creative, non-linear, multi-sensory rhythmic journey. Through movement, drumming, and freedom for right-brain thought, your group will bypass stuck thinking, and see brand new possibilities.

Learn more about this powerful approach and the principles behind it.

Reap the Benefits of Innovative Team Building

RhythmLift helps you and your team:

  • Surprise itself with capability and potential
  • Find healthy ways to avoid mishaps, resolve problems, and improve workflow
  • Look forward to working together each day!

I’ve Been There3a0-Mary-Speaking-180x238

I knows how it feels to be in the hot seat of leadership, because I’ve been there. As co-owner and executive of my family’s manufacturing company, I led departmental and project teams through major process overhauls and new product development. I learned to lead and inspire during times when things went well — and times when everything that could go wrong did.

Let me share what I’ve learned with you and your team.

Imagine the difference when your team:

  • Understands team dynamics from a “system” view
  • Creates new stories about who they are and what they can do
  • Appreciates the strengths and diverse talents of themselves and each other

A RhythmLift program transports your team in all of these dimensions, taking them to a “better place” where they directly experience greater enthusiasm and connection.  And they’ll learn how to bring that into their day-to-day work.

Let’s Create Your Team’s Own Journey

Are you ready to get started on your rhythm ride to stress relief and easier teamwork?

We offer several program formats, each customized to your group, situation, and goals.

Contact Mary Tolena today for a free consultation to determine the program will work best for your team.