I often get asked about where people can get more information and experience with drumming, and rhythm, and how they apply to personal health and team vitality.  I’ve also included resources about group rhythm facilitation, a growing profession whose members bring learning, community, improved quality of life, and real joy to groups of all ages and abilities.


Music Medicine by Christine Stevens shows you the science and spirit of using the four elements of music (rhythm, melody, harmony, and silence) for mind, body, heart, and soul. Excellent summary and discussion of clinical studies showing the benefits and significance of recreational music making.  Features a free online playlist.

The Art & Heart of Drum Circles by Christine Stevens covers key grooves and instrumentation, to the personal side of empowering people and creating transformational experiences through recreational drumming.

Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop Book
Volume #1 of the ‘RAP Book’ of Drum Circle Games by Arthur Hull.

Drum Circle Facilitators’ Handbook
Drum Circle Spirit: Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm by Nellie Hill and Arthur Hull

Drum Circle Facilitation Book by Arthur Hull Drum Circle Facilitation is “THE” rhythm event facilitation book.

Drum Circle Spirit: Facilitating Human Potential Through Rhythm by Arthur Hull

More Rhythm Games:

Rhythm Play by  Solomon Masala.  A wonderful resource filled with rhythm activities, initiatives, and rhythm games for adults, facilitators, teachers, & kids.

1, 2, Let’s All Groove! by Solomon Masala.  More rhythm activities, backed up by science, clinical studies, and applicability to national education standards.

InteractiveRhythm  – Dave Holland’s rhythm activities books + DVDs, and singalong CDs.

Body Beat cards by Christine Stevens.  A drum circle without drums! Body Beat is for educational, recreational, and corporate groups. The 36 sound cards can be used to make six different games for anywhere from 4 to 70 people.


Village Music Circles / Arthur Hull  Rhythm Event Facilitation trainings, including 3-day weekends, and 6-day intensives in Hawaii and elsewhere.

Christine Stevens — Courses in drum circle facilitation and personal empowerment drumming.

Music Therapy Ed online Continuing Education classes, Kat Fulton’s site for Music Therapists and Facilitators.  Kat also offers business and practice-building support for facilitators and music therapists at KatFulton.com

DRUMMING and CLASSES in San Diego area

(get on these mailing lists):

1.  San Diego Drum Circle Meetup Group.  The most comprehensive listings for drum circles and classes for SD County.

2.  MoRhythm School of Percussion  African djembe and dunun classes taught by the incomparable Monette Marino.  She’s a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge.  Beginning & intermediate weekly classes.

3.  San Diego Women’s Drum Circle.  This monthly circle, held on the first Saturday evening in Hillcrest, has been running since 1998.  Friendly, welcoming vibe.

4.  UpBeat Drum Circles.  Classes and workshops, usually with a wellness and self-awareness angle.  Taught by Christine Stevens.

5.  Resounding Joy Recreational Music Center.  A variety of classes and events held in their studio in Sorrento Valley, including some for kids.  Also an outlet for REMO instruments

6.  Rhythm Connection mailing list.  An almost-monthly mailing about drum and dance happenings in San Diego.  Send an email to rhythmconnection@yahoo.com and ask to be added to the list.

7.  RhythmLift.com  This site!  Join my mailing list to get my Everyday Rhythm blog about applying in everyday life, and information about the occasional public events I offer.


REMO instruments are available at Resounding Joy in San Diego, at the REMO Recreational Music Center in North Hollywood, and online through West Music.

Kerry the Shakerman has the best deals on frogs and Boomwhackers, plus his very own Shakka Shakerz.  541-324-8574  shakerman@gmail.com

Vicki Morgan has a fine selection of high-quality African djembes — drums you can really fall in love with!  619-884-9431  VMorganMT@aol.com.