Lasting Learning by Design

4 Design Principles of the RhythmLift Difference

As you know, “Change” is easy to talk about, and a lot harder to put into practice.  That’s why RhythmLift programs are designed from the ground up to help your group achieve lasting desired change.

In RhythmLift experiences, change actually happens. Your group’s transformative journey is reinforced by four design principles that create lasting effects in their view of themselves, individually and collectively.

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Principle 1: You Want a Difference? Then Do It Different!

2-Eggs_out_of__lineYour group members have been listening to speakers, and talking about ideas since they were in grade school. Even action-oriented team building games and simulations often seem familiar, even contrived.

Instead of more of the same, boost your group’s chance for change by doing something different! New insights come from stepping out of familiar situations, when your attention is relaxed, and focused on absorbing something new.

RhythmLift programs take your group on a multi-stage experiential adventure, out of the well-known context of meetings, or classroom-style learning. This unique, energizing experience is new to all group members, which means everyone is on the edge of learning together.

Principle 2: Use Different Learning Circuits — and let the overworked ones rest!

Use Different Learning CircuitsThe overtaxed “Figure It Out” part of your brain needs a vacation!  Let it rest while your other learning channels get a chance to come out and play!  New insights and creativity naturally arise in our mix of movement, storytelling, rhythm, and dialog that delights left, right, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning channels.

Your team will learn through multiple channels as they:

  • Relax — Detox from stress
  • Give thinking brains a rest — Enjoy sensations of rhythm and movement
  • Experience musical expression — Unleash pure creativity
  • Play! — Be in the moment

Principle 3: Your Custom Journey Starts Where You Are

iStock_000001321840_ExtraSmallEach team and group is unique, and has its own path toward its highest potential.

Whether your group is meeting for the first time at a conference or your team has worked together for years . . .

Whether you’re launching a new team initiative, or simply want a lower-stress, friendlier workplace . . .

. . . every RhythmLift program and workshop is custom-designed to help your group or team go as far as possible on its unique path towards gratifying collaboration. We reach for your goals; reinforce your themes; and smooth relationships in your team.

Principle 4: Your Group Dynamic Is a Living Thing

Meet Your Group DynamicWhile your group or team is made up of individuals, it has a “group dynamic” that is an entity or “thing” unto itself, with its own “personality” and pattern of influence.  Even groups who have just met create a dynamic that significantly shapes their whole experience.  Long-term work teams develop dynamics with both positive and negative aspects that typically have huge — and unmeasured — impacts on productivity, creativity, profitability, and individual well-being.

Creating a vibrant, productive group dynamic requires intention and attention. That’s what we do on our path to gratifying collaboration.

RhythmLift programs build healthy group dynamics directly in the program activities.  In longer sessions, your team creates action plans for the kind of uplifting, progress-enhancing dynamic they want in daily life. Throughout the program, you find ways to make things easier as related to:

  • Beliefs: Individual and shared, about the group, oneself, and each other
  • Behavior: Drivers, responses, emotional affect and effect
  • Patterns: Flows, gaps, and blockages of activities and communication
  • Stresses: From outside and from within the group
  • Alignment: Of roles, goals, work processes and flows

Change the Rhythm, Change the Results

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