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Let’s Talk

Ahhh, take a relaxing breath.  The first step to RhythmLift is easy and enjoyable!

By phone and email, we’ll imagine together how a RhythmLift experience could do the most for your group or team.  I’ll learn about your situation, and we’ll identify the most important success factors for your group, boss or client, and organization or event.  I’ll propose a general approach, and we’ll play with options and possibilities to create just the outcomes you want.

If your team is being dragged down by glitchy group dynamics and tangled work flow, we’ll talk about how the RhythmLift approach can loosen things up and put the team on a better path.  I promise you’ll personally feel better after our talk, too, with helpful new perspectives already forming.

Mary TolenaLet’s co-create a great team building experience or memorable group event!   Please contact me via email below, or at 619-307-1003.

Meanwhile, may you enjoy noticing more Rhythm in your life!

— Mary Tolena

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